March 6, 2018 Bulbs + containers I have a be…

March 6, 2018

Bulbs + containers

I have a beautiful ceramic pot that sits on my front step year-round. It’s the perfect size for the plain plastic grower’s pots my favourite garden centre sells, so I have a rotating pair of pots I swap out. Last summer’s skeletons got replaced this weekend with a fresh pot of crocus, iris, and narcissus. I planted the bulbs last October, and they overwintered on my back deck, protected by an upside-down tomato cage wrapped in frost blanket.

I’ve also filled my big rectangular self-watering planter with tulips, anemones, and gladiolus. I used a couple of plexiglass sheets and some pot toes to make a simple cold frame to keep the soil temperature up a little through the winter. It looks like the tulips are on their way up at least!