March 26, 2018 Started up my veggie garden ye…

March 26, 2018

Started up my veggie garden yesterday with two new self-watering planters from a local startup called Patch Planters.

Last fall I decided I wanted to downsize from my large storage tub planter (not coincidentally while I was mucking out roughly 40L of soil from said planter).

I saw these little guys at the BC Home & Garden show a few weeks back and was intrigued. The planters are small (shoebox sized), lightweight, and collapsible. Each holds about 4-5” of soil and roughly 3L of water. They’re made mostly of materials I’d describe as “sort of like tarp” and “some kind of coated paper? fabric??” so I’m a little skeptical of how well they’ll hold up after a full season outdoors, but I’m excited to find out!

Right now I’ve got a third of each planter sown with an Easter Egg radish and a mesclun. Over the next two weeks I’ll fill in the remaining two-thirds and see if I can’t get a succession crop going.