May 13, 2018 Disaster! A runaway tomato cage …

May 13, 2018

Disaster! A runaway tomato cage decapitated one of my tomato seedlings today as I was preparing to plant mine in it’s final home.

The victim wasn’t the seedling I had planned to keep for myself, but ‘you break it, you buy it’. So, now we have a two-part science experiment.

Hypothesis A: the root ball and remaining stem will send out new shoot(s) and continue to grow

Hypothesis B: the rootless stem will produce a new root system and continue to grow

It’s maybe not as hopeless as it seems; tomatoes can grow roots nearly anywhere along the stem and particularly from leaf nodes. This is why you should bury tomato seedlings up to the top few sets of leaves when you plant them. The deciding factor will be if the planted stem can hang on long enough to grow new roots.

I might be buying a seedling for myself next weekend!