🌱🌸Witchy Garden Project🌸🌱




How to Grow

Plant it during Imbolc Season (February)

  • Take up to 4 seeds for each container and ¼” deep. 
  • Once they reach 2” height  you can transplant on 1 per pot. 
  • After transplant, wait 6 to 8 weeks more before transplanting outside. Harvest before it flowers. 
  • You can only cut ⅓  so it doesn’t disturb its growth. 
  • Make sure you cut from the Top ⅓ (where the flowers are).

Health Properties

  • Coagulant (Vitamin K) Fights Cancer (protects white blood-cells)
  • Anti stress (natural adaptogen stimulating neurotransmitters)
  • Immuno booster (Vitamin C)
  • Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Antibiotic.
  • Analgesic or pain reducer (magnesium)
  • Antioxidant or aging fighters(Flavonoids)
  • Antipyretic or fever reducer
  • Hepato-protective or liver protector
  • Anti inflammatory (eugenol, linalool, and citronellol)
  • Fights Cancer (protects white blood-cells)

Magical Properties

Magic/Folk Name: “Witches Herb”

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire (masculine)

Deities: Vishnu, Erzulie.

Called “Witches Herb” possibly because of its countless properties, it quickly becomes a must in a wide range of potions, brews and spell-work. Use for anything pertaining with love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection. Dispels confusion, fears and weakness. Drives off hostile spirits

  • Protection (mainly home)
  • Cleansing
  • Luck
  • Love (mostly fidelity)
  • Wealth
  • Exorcism