husbandryandharvest: Went over to my mom’s pl…


Went over to my mom’s place in Butte Valley this past weekend.

We expanded the orchard.  We planted out 4 pomegranate bushes, 1 grapefruit tree, and 2 fig trees.

The varieties we planted include:

  • Akbuh (pomegranate)
  • Sirineyi (pomegranate)
  • Palermo (pomegranate)
  • Armenian (fig)
  • Excel (fig)

Digging in the recently rained-on soil was very easy–quite a contrast to the sun hardened soil of Summer.

I ensured the plants would be successful by adding an excess of biological nutrition.  After making a hole, I planted and then back filled with the existing soil.  The remainder I filled with worm-rich worm castings.  I covered up the worms and castings with horse manure, so the worms would have food and shelter.  Finally, I pushed in fava beans, which will slowly fix nitrogen as they grow.  If I had added rock dust, oyster shell, green sand and mycorrhiza innoculant my plant nutrition would be even more complete.  Maybe next year…

Because the orchard is on a hill side, we used rocks to terrace the planting beds.

We also started a rock wall below one of the manure piles.  Next year, after the manure has composted, this will make another great garden bed.