Things You Need To Remember While Using Manure…

  • Using raw manure is not advisable but if you still want to use it, apply it 60 days prior to planting any vegetable. This gives time for the breakdown of pathogens. Plant any cover crop in between and let the manure mature.
  • Don’t use manure around plants during the active growing season.
  • Use mulch to cover the manure so your edibles don’t come in contact with the soil. You can use straw or dry leaves for this purpose.
  • Don’t add an excessive amount of water to the manure. If you are doing it during the rainy season it is important that you cover the bin with plastic.
  • Remove any rotten roots that you find. Buy healthy transplants that has a strong root system.
  • Use gloves throughout the entire process while handling manure.
  • Wash your hands properly after finishing the work. Read the full article at