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I’m Alive!

Sorry for the inactivity guys! College has been difficult and the winter doesn’t make for a great growing season. There will be TONS of new stuff to show you this spring though. Can’t wait! Get your green thumbs ready. 💚


My Schlumbergeras are blooming again!

I repotted them a couple months ago in a more freely-draining soil than they had been in, and it took me a while to figure out how to keep them happily watered after the change.


Today was a beautiful fall day, and I took advantage of the sunshine to plant my spring bulbs.

Lots of sunset colours caught my eye this year, so we now have one planter filled with two types of orangey-pink tulips plus white hyacinths and another featuring orange and black striped crocuses, white narcissus with pink and yellow coronas, and blue hyacinths for contrast.

Then we have these gorgeous, gorgeous red-purple anemones that I’ve paired with dwarf irises and white narcissus.

I can’t wait to see everything in the spring! Most of these bulbs will bloom March/April, with some hanging on into May and the crocuses starting in February.

Living for this ultraviolet larkspur blooming …

Living for this ultraviolet larkspur blooming in my West Coast Seeds Hummingbird Blend wildflower mix! The pinks are gorgeous too.


Bought more shelves for the greenhouse! Gonna put those put before showing you guys!


Tomorrow’s the Big Day

So tomorrow’s the day I’ll be moving my plants into the new greenhouse. I only have a few shelves in it so far so I doubt it’ll be enough to hold all the plants. Some may just have to sit on the ground for now until I can buy more shelves but I’ll be posting pictures of the greenhouse and all the plants tomorrow. Thank you guys so much for being patient with me. Hopefully I’ll be able to start posting more soon. Talk to you guys tomorrow! <3


An Actual Greenhouse

My birthday is coming up and as a gift to myself and from my loving parents, we have put our money together to buy a small greenhouse for my plant collection. We have just finished construction on it and I’ll be moving my plants in soon. I’m more than excited. Words can’t even describe it. I can’t wait to show you guys. <3

Pretty little plant haul!

Pretty little plant haul!

Cephalaria gigantea One for the bees 🐝👍🌻 Ba…

Cephalaria gigantea
One for the bees 🐝👍🌻
Back to the front 🤘🤘
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Rosa &lsquo;Alibaba&rsquo; great Rose, flowere…

Rosa ‘Alibaba’ great Rose, flowered from May until October last year 👌
I fink u freeky
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