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I’m back!! Due to so much extra time since social distancing, and in my case self isolation, to keep safe from the virus, LESS WORK MORE GARDENING!!! I have an autoimmune condition that has me picking up bugs easily, and was already at ER back in Nov for bronchitis and not being able to breathe. So for now, at home always and tackling big yard projects.

I’ve spent a few winters in the house watching how the water moves through the yard and it’s time to get trenching to pipe it away from the house better. I have a walkout basement that’s been showing some signs of moisture, as in just the crystalization on the insides of the concrete footings and walls. Here goes nothing.

I’ve decided to make the pathways to following the pipe trenches, there’s an old shallow well that has its overrun getting piped above ground through the garden, so that will come out and become a “water feature” that drains into the trench. A dry creek really for most of the year.

Also pulling all the wood out of the garden (help keep carpenter ants away) and building river rock and glass bottle raises beds, some of the glass bottles will become lights, so accounting for electrical in the trench and plumbing for water spigot and an outside shower.

Stone and concrete bear proof composter to be built, as well outside kitchen. LOTS of work. But I’m excited.

Keep safe, healthy, & #staythefuckhome

Savoring fall figs from our mission fig tree that survived the fire and watching the new house take shape. 

A midsummer tomato haul from my parents’ garden. 

Some pretty plants from the Mayo Clinic gardens.

Beautiful marigolds grown by my good friend Jessica!

A late photo update of the property taken in March. 

Help Me Spoil My Cat

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Cute pics of Congo to encourage you to vote him for Pet of the Month at my local clinic! ❤️ He’s in 4th place! Vote for him so he can win free toys!!



Hey, guys. So I need to confess that I have been sick. For the past year and a half I’ve been battling an unknown illness. It’s been very difficult. I’ve had to drop out of college and put my life on hold until we can figure out what this is and how to treat it. Gardening is very hard for me and I’m not going to be able to grow anything this year. I’m also not able to leave my house most days so I can’t go out and admire nature and share it with you. I have no idea when life will get back to normal so I’m going on hiatus indefinitely. As soon as I get better, I’ll be back full force but as of now, I have to take a break. Thank you guys so much for supporting this blog. It means so much. ❤️

March 24, 2019

First phase of spring planting done!

I got two of those grocery store miniature roses for my birthday this year – they’re really sweet but (I find) almost impossible to keep alive, let alone blooming, indoors. Roses want a lot of water, and the tiny pots they come in just aren’t adequate. I kept them alive long enough for the weather to warm up and then repotted them outside – if they’re anything like last year’s (overwintered and just leafing out) they’ll be happy as clams!

I also seeded my regular wildflower planters with a combination of local mixes designed to attract bees and hummingbirds, and planted two pots with nasturtiums – one with a multicolour mix and one with Empress of India, which should be a nice intense red.

In a few weeks when the garden stores have their full selection of annuals I’ll be picking some for the railing planters and maybe some herbs too, but I’m scaling back operations this year – I’m pregnant and due in early September, so I don’t imagine I’ll be up for much more than watering this summer!