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Summer subtly turning toward fall these days. (Only two pumpkins survived the crazy heatwave we had at the beginning of September. The second round of figs are happening. And the Juliet tomato is still out of control – all of the tomatoes in that top right box are from a single plant!) 

Mid-September in the garden. 

Tomato season is always my favorite. 

A handful of sun gold tomatoes – one of my favorites every year. 

Yessssssss! Just look at these stunners! These are called Costoluto Genovese tomatoes. 

So many little sun gold tomatoes beginning to turn. 


Melon vine takeover. 

Cute little sun gold tomatoes beginning to ripen. (I love how sweet these taste!) 

Not too many sunflowers came up this year, but here’s one sunny yellow one.