Category: tomato

A midsummer tomato haul from my parents’ garden. 

Summer subtly turning toward fall these days. (Only two pumpkins survived the crazy heatwave we had at the beginning of September. The second round of figs are happening. And the Juliet tomato is still out of control – all of the tomatoes in that top right box are from a single plant!) 

Mid-September in the garden. 

Still going. 

Tomato season is always the best season. So much color and so much flavor gives me so much happiness! 

Rainbow tomatoes. 

Making a big batch of roasted tomato sauce with our tomatoes. 

Sharing tomatoes with our friends at Goguette Bread, an amazing bakery in Santa Rosa. And they shared a delicious olive bread (pain aux olives!) with us in return! 

Inside the Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye heirloom tomatoes. Love those colors. 

Summer panzanella salad with our tomatoes. Looks and tastes like a flavor confetti party.